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My teaching expertise revolves around three main areas: migration, globalization, and Latino studies. In the area of migration, I have specialized in courses that examine the migration influx of Mexicans into the United States in both traditional and non-traditional migrant-receiving communities. I also have developed courses examining other Latino migrant communities, as is the case with a course I developed focusing on past and present Latino immigrants in the US.

In the area of globalization, I have specialized in developing courses examining the interplay between political economy, migration, labor markets, and gender. My courses in the area of Latino Studies have focused on contemporary socioeconomic, cultural and political issues facing the burgeoning Latino community in the United States. Finally, in all courses I teach, gender analysis is at the core of the design.

Mexican-American Communities - Fall 2015 - Bryn Mawr College

Mexican-American Communities – Fall 2015 – Bryn Mawr College

At Bryn Mawr I have taught the following courses: Mexican-American Communities, Global Sociology, International Development, Women in Society, and Sociology of Migration: A Cross-Cultural Overview of Contemporary Challenges

Below are some syllabi for my courses: